New Year's neons.
People celebrating Gay Pride in Amsterdam.
🌈 Pride Amsterdam '22
Woman with a funny red hat.
🌈 Pride Amsterdam '22
People doing limbo and partying on the street.
🌈 Pride Amsterdam '22
Portrait of my colleague Kalok.
🌈 Pride Amsterdam '22
My friend Dijana smiling on a bright sunny day.
🌈 Pride Amsterdam '22
Old sunny street in Crete, Greece.
Took this one atop a hill in Crete island, Greece. The sun was blazing hot and there was not a soul in sight.
Olympic district in Munich.
Olympic Village in Munich, Germany. It was used to house the athletes during the 1972 Summer Olympics. Now the former male section is a neighborhood, and the female area is used as student housing area.
Chess pieces on a table.
Building in Amsterdam.
A tree with a yellow string
A single small figure on a large frozen lake.
A full body portrait of a male surfist.
A portrait of a male surfist smiling.
A sunny day in a botanical garden.
Traces of flora on a wall.
A white house in danish suburbs.
Fireworks popping over an amusement park at night.
Roof in a train station.
A neon sign in Copenhagen Meat District.
A tower in Copenhagen seen through blinds.
Copenhagen, Denmark.
A view out of a shop window into a sunny street.
Sunny building side.
An inaide of a church with a cleaner standing there.
Grundtvigs Church in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Chairs in a church.
A tall church.
Bright staircase in shopping mall with tons of umbrellas in air.
A woman ordering asian street food.
A man lying on a floor.
A dreamy still life with flowers and bottles.
People and kids in a skatepark.
My wife told me I made a photo that looks like an architectural visualisation… It's not.
A man smoking a cigarette
A car parked nearby road.
A dutch rustical house.
A flower macro shot.
Botanical garden in Amsterdam.
A flower in a pot.
A yellow garden hose in a botanical garden.
Green tree leaves.
A portrait of a woman.
A portrait of a man.
A dutch landscape.
A yellow nautical rope.
A vertical view of a modern bridge in Amsterdam.
A portrait of my lovely grandma.
My lovely granny.
A view from an airplane over norwegian landscape.
Portrait of a woman.
"Keep door closed please."
A man walking down a street.
Now this detail was just a happy coincidence!
A detail of a bike wheel peeking from a corner.
A glitchy portrait of a woman.
A window of a building in Amsterdam seen from street level.
I love this photo. Not sure why but it reminds me of the Witches of Eastwick movie. Might be the pointy shape of the roof...
Portrait of Daniel.
A street crossing with people on bikes.
Sea and horizon.
Two boys and two statues in black and white
This photo was originally much larger. But when I saw this small detail in it I just had to crop it into a new photo.